Rescuing children,

forming leaders.

Vida 180 is a community with the purpose of shaping the lives of boys and girls to become leaders who love and serve others.


We focus on bringing out the best in children, while also emphasizing the importance of a healthy family. Within Vida 180, the word “family” is one of our foundational pillars in our organization.

We have our own school where children have access to education in a healthy environment, with trained teachers and the best materials to continue expanding their knowledge.

At Vida 180, we all share the same direction when it comes to our values and principles. We have a positive atmosphere, and we feel honored to be able to share this with the children.


The lives of many children are at stake. However, we cannot rescue, restore, and equip these children without financial contributions. We invite you to consider investing in these children. It’s an investment that will yield returns for a lifetime!

Join the team

Our team builds a healthy environment and creates tools for children’s development. It consists of part-time volunteers and full-time paid caregivers. If you wish to join the team, please contact us to inquire about our vacancies.


We are rescuing children and shaping responsible, compassionate, and productive leaders for Mexico. If your current position doesn’t allow you to get involved directly, but you know someone who might, we invite you to join Vida 180 by sharing our mission with your friends and family.

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