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Who are we?

A broken world, traumatic experiences, and devastating addictions have left many children homeless and abandoned on the streets in Mexico. These wonderful children with all their gifts and abilities are a gift from God to the world. Each designed by God to bring a special something to the world that no one else can. We are committed to not let these wonderful gifts go to waste. We rescue, restore, and equip these children. Providing a home, education, and a community for them, to help them develop into all that God has planned for them. We count it a privilege to be used by God for this exciting task.


We were legally registered and were able to take in the first 13 children.


Miserable living conditions are not conductive to eliminating a victim mentality and raising up empowered young men and women. We moved our children into a new home, comfortably designed for 50 children.


We opened our own school. Raising up leaders and empoyering children to live impactful and Godly lives requires us to be super intentional with education.


Rescuing, restoring and raising up world changers requieres people who are committed to this awesome task 24/7. People who give up their normal lives to become fulltime parents. In order to accomodate more of these amazing people, we built staff housing in 2017.


Taking a child out of poverty is a quick task, taking poverty out of a child, however, is a long task that takes a lot of love, patience, and diligence. In 2018 we built a barn yard and a soccer field. This is where the children learn how to live life with excellence.


We built a new house for the boys, more staff housing and an official school. We now have room for 120 children. Not just has God brought us these wonderful children, He has brought us a good network of people that sacrificially give to this cause. Totally committed to rescuing these children and raising up leaders.


The need keeps growing. Every need is also an opportunity. An opportunity to bless someone. An opportunity to raise up a Godly empowered child. We bought more land in order to expand.


The year when the pandemic caused massive disruption and uncertainty in the world. We were able to build and finish Casa Daniel. A house for 150 children more. We now have room for 270 children. Churches closes, people stayed home, but with a team of absolutely commited people, our children were being loved and mentored!


Staff training, legal structures, partnerships with Vida 180 Canada and Vida 180 USA took up a good part of the year. This allowed us to keep growing and funding. Every child is worth the investment. A number of our now young adults got their first jobs! Super exciting to see them start contributing. We are seeing the fruit of our labor!

Santa Lucia

Our Santa Lucia location has room for 120 children. This is also where our little cuties get their start in life.

Casa Daniel

Casa Daniel is located just north of Cuauhtemoc. We have room for 150 children here. With a lot of room, this is where we get together with our Santa Lucia and Casa Daniel children, our staff, and community when we have special events.

Future Plans

Rescue, Restore & Equip 60 more children to fill our capacity of 270.

Build On-Site Staff Housing.

Build a Trade School where our children have the opportunity for hands on learning in different skills like mechanics, design, manufacturing, & waitressing.

Grow our Teachers Program where our high school students have the opportunity to learn how to teach elementary classes that by the time they graduate they are ready to become full time teachers.

Develop a Discipleship Program with leadership training for our 15-20 year old children. Teaching them to be humble, servant leaders in the areas God has called them into.

Build another orphanage with room for 150 children more.

Build an auditorium with room for all the children for church and events.

Board of Directors

Denver Penner
Rene Friesen
Benjamin Dueck

The board of directors is made up of three businessmen, two of them are founders of the organization.

The management team of Vida 180 has secondary / post-secundary education and the director of education also has a certificate in leadership.