August and September at Vida 180 were, for the most part, very normal months, as the children returned to school. On the 15th of September, a fun event was held at Iglesia Vida, the church where the children of Vida 180 regularly attend. It was simply an opportunity for everyone to relax and reconnect with their community. We’re grateful for how consistently welcoming and hospitable Iglesia Vida is to our children. Orlando and Laura are the couple that leads the church, and they’re two people with the mindset of world-changers. In August, the children hosted a birthday party for Pastor Orlando, and one of the creative boys made and decorated a cake for him. 

The Careers Program has also played a significant role in teaching the teenagers and young adults of Vida 180 to be independent and responsible. Another one of the youth at Vida 180 just recently turned 18 years old, and took her job at Microtel from part-time to full-time hours. 

With the full, helpful support of the government, Vida 180 has become one of the small number of non-profits in Mexico to be certified. And with the help of donors in Canada and Mexico, construction of the new building will begin at the start of the new year.