One of the things that Denver and the leaders at Vida 180 are very passionate about is teaching leadership skills to young people. They offered to cover some of the expenses of a road trip to Juarez if the teenagers of Vida 180 would make an effort to raise funds as well. During the months of June and July, these youth worked hard organizing a bake sale and a car wash in order to attend that leadership conference. When we looked back at the videos they took on the day of the car wash, everyone was smiling and having fun! All the effort they put into organizing it paid off, and they were on their way to Juarez in Vida 180’s van. The weekend was everything they had hoped for it to be: a fun road trip and an awesome leadership conference. The leaders of Vida 180 are extremely committed to making an impact in their community, and the children at Vida 180 are quickly catching on to that enthusiasm. The conference they attended was a big step towards the positive change they hope to see. 

The blueprints for a new building were thoroughly finished and put into action. We the leaders of Vida 180 are already imagining what it will be like to fill the dining space at meal times and to start up a game of soccer on the lawn outside. Funds are being steadily provided by the organizations and individuals who have consistently shown support for Vida 180 and its mission, and nearly all the money has been provided. We expect to start construction by the end of this year, and the orphanage will have space to house another 150 children. We’re so excited to see change happen and hope unfold so visibly within our community.