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Who are we?

We are a Canadian organization supporting Vida 180 A.C. change the lives of vulnerable children in Mexico.

About us

Vida 180 Canada Inc. collaborates with Vida 180 A.C. to bring positive change into the lives of vulnerable children in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico. Vida 180 A.C. is committed to raising leaders by applying vision, investment, direction, and love. The organization provides a home and an environment where each child can grow to their full potential, developing social, academic, and practical skills. Vida 180 Canada Inc.´s partnership with Vida 180 A.C. helps children grow up to be a responsible, godly, and productive citizen.

Our mission

To support Vida 180 A.C. to positively impact the future of Chihuahua by raising a generation of leaders

Our vision

To help Vida 180 A.C. to rescue, restore, and to equip the most vulnerable of our state

Our values

Dignity, excellence, and gratitude

The vida 180 story

Vida 180 A.C. was founded in 2013 when Denver and Tina Penner, built a multidisciplinary team to rescue, restore and equip the children impacted by the conflict in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico.

With nothing but a fence and a few hours on the road separating Chihuahua from the wealthiest country in the world, poverty and corruption have ravaged Mexico for decades and consequently many opportunities, natural, resources and human talent are being ignored. Denver and Tina’ of leaders is born out of a desperate need for a leadership that contributes to the positive growth of Mexico.

The meaning of  Vida 180 can be found in its name in Spanish: V comes from vision (visión), the letter I means investment (inversión), the D means direction (dirección), the A comes from love (amor) and 180 meaning the degrees of positive change that we are looking to achieve in the lives of the children. As entrepreneurs they understand how important vision, investment, and direction are to the success of any company. Together we believe that if we professionally apply vision, investment, and direction mixed with the love of God for the children, we will be able to change the direction of these lives.

August 9th, 2012 marks the day when Denver and Tina decided to plunge into this adventure and in 2013 they completed the related legal work. In 2014 they became investors in this social project: contributing their time, their hearts, and their resources. Rather than looking for donors, they took on the task to find people conscious of the fact that this is one of the best investments possible: it will survive the investor and pay dividends for all eternity. They committed themselves to a business mindset: contributing knowledge, maintaining full transparency, expecting results, and they will not give up until the very last child has been rescued, restored, and equipped for a meaningful life.

In June of 2014, Vida 180 A.C. began operation in an old building with a total of 13 children. A year later, they opened their doors to our new home with 16 children. Another goal was met the next year when Vida180 A.C. inaugurated their very own classrooms with certified staff. In September of 2016, their English program was implemented for all of the children and in December of the same year, they reached a total of 55 children. That same month, Vida 180 A.C. also started the construction of the barn and barnyard to raise domestic animals. In 2018, Vida 180 Canada Inc. was created to support the rescuing, restoration, and equipping of children.

While Vida 180 A.C. has achieved a lot during the last couple of years, we know that the work has just begun. The goal for the next three years is to grow the family and school to a 150 children. Another goal is to try to reach economic self-sustainability in terms of operational costs. We believe that God is passionate about this work and just like he provided us with investors, He will meet all of our future needs!

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