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Smiling and laughter; jumping and shouting for joy! Such were the excited senses when chickens and goats moved into our barn a couple of weeks ago. From the beginning, Vida 180 was founded on the goal to provide a home and an environment where each child can grow to its full potential, developing social, academic, and practical skills. While the rescue of an abandoned or abused child is the first step towards a lasting positive change, the essential parts of our process are in the restoration and equipping: with God’s help attending to each child’s specific physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Long awaited, last year we completed the construction of our barn and barnyard. This is a space adjacent to our home and school in which our children receive a practical education through the care and interaction with barn animals. The Vida 180 barnyard gives each child the unique opportunity to experience the joy of seeing an animal grow up, to heal emotional wounds, to learn to be responsible for another living being, and to develop leadership skills. Far beyond any traditional education, this practical aspect provides our children with the tools to grow up to be responsible, godly, and productive citizens.

Our animals, one hundred chickens and twelve goats, are already making an impact in the precious lives of the children and staff living at Vida 180. We are merely at the beginning of our barn and we are already seeing the positive impact and therapeutic value: all around us are smiling faces, a renewed joy for chores, and a palpable improvement in behavior and learning. Beyond amazed and grateful to our loving God, our passionate board members, and our generous investors. We are speechless by what He is doing in the lives of our children through our collective effort!