Happy Mexican Independence Day from all of us at Vida 180! This is a national holiday celebrated all over Mexico, honoring our beloved country, our government, and those who bravely serve it. As a strong tradition, Independence Day is all about community, bringing together families, friends, neighbors, and even strangers. Greatly blessed, we had so many reasons to celebrate last weekend!

What does it take to build a home, a safe and dignified home for abandoned children? Cement, bricks, wood… and a septic tank! We are happy to report that the latter has been installed successfully, being an important step as we
move toward our 2018 goal: a new building for more children to be rescued, restored, and equipped.

Secondly, we are overjoyed to share that young J, who has been with us for six months, was reunited with his two younger brothers and a little sister. Thanks to the extraordinary work done by DIF, a government agency that
promotes the wellbeing of families, the siblings were rescued and are now part of the Vida 180 family. This reunion is truly a cause for celebration, one that we owe to the opportunity of collaborating, arms linked, with our government to serve our beautiful country.

On top of all of these exciting events, our spiritual family, Vida Church-Cuauhtémoc, organized a fun-filled Independence Day celebration at Santa Lucía: team-building games, delicious food, and even a mechanical bull was set up! Far beyond the party props, Vida Church has become an invaluable community for our children: embracing us with open hearts and arms, growing often closer than biological family members. Our home, our school, our barnyard, and our playground are important in the raising of a generation of leaders; but it is most important to have a community filled with role models to inspire us and to show us the practical ways of positive leadership.