May 2019 at Vida 180 was a month full of vision, progress, and connection. We were visited by Licencia Cinthia Chavira de Corral, the wife of our governor, who sincerely loves to care for the children of Cuauhtemoc. She met our children, spoke to them, and gathered at a table with us to learn about our plans for expansion and growth. It was exciting to share a vision with her and know that we have the support of our leaders to keep making a difference in our community.

A Beka Academy is the education program that we have found to be extremely accurate, thorough, and considerate of the students. The children at Vida 180 are now being taught with English videos by A Beka Academy, with Kayleen as their home teacher. She guides them if they have any questions and helps them finish their homework. We’re surprised and pleased to see how quickly they catch onto English phrases and grammar. Every day it gets easier for them to communicate with their teachers and visitors.

We sent the teenagers of Vida 180 to a youth camp for a few days, where they participated in physical games, strategy games, and journaled what they learned. They spent time together, taking selfies and having valuable conversations. It was a step we took with the intention of raising leaders and investing in their personal growth. They enjoyed it, and they came back with a lot of pictures of their favorite activities. It was definitely something that we want to repeat each year.