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A couple of weeks ago we visited the Sierra Tarahumara with the Vida 180 family. This is a major mountain range in of the North American Cordillera, home to the Tarahumara (also known as Rarámuri), Huichol, Otomoí, Purépecha, and Mayo indigenous groups, located in in the northwest of the state of Chihuahua. Struggling to achieve food selfsufficiency, suitable health and education services, as well as fighting the challenges of endemic poverty, the communities living in this area are often breaking apart or living in less than dignified conditions. Especially affected by this vicious cycle are the children and teenagers, many of whom are being abandoned or abused, falling prey to an unhealthy environment.

Nonetheless, this area is known for its magnificent nature: breathtaking canyons and evergreen forests make it an ideal day trip destination from our home in Santa Lucía. A number of the rescued children in the Vida 180 family are originally from the Sierra Tarahumara and had not been back to their homeland in some time. They were overjoyed to hear where we were going!

Our afternoon at the Cascada de Basaseachi national park was truly quality time spent in every sense. The waterfall by the same name is the second highest in Mexico, falling into the Candameña canyon. Surrounded by momentous rock formations and trees, we hiked and learned more about our State, the plants that grow here and the animals that live here. These trips are not only educational in the traditional sense, but also give us the chance to bond with our growing family, make positive memories and experience the wonders of nature as part of our restoration process. In midst of mountains and our precious children, we were reminded of how great our God is! Not only did we see His love and excellence in the nature created by Him, but in the eyes of the kids, sparkling with joy!