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What we do

We support Vida 180 A.C to rescue, restore, and equip children: to raise a generation of leaders.

The Santa Lucía project

The Santa Lucía project is a home for homeless and abandoned children. Here, the children get a good place to sleep, all their basic needs taken care of, and a good education.

When the case of a needy child is brought to attention, the Vida 180 A.C. staff will go and investigate the case. The leadership will then discuss the situation and if everybody agrees that this is a child that should be part of Vida 180 A.C., it is accepted. The child will get checked by a doctor, be given its own clothes and its own bed. It will then be tested academically to know where to place it in the private schooling system.

Each child is a separate case. They all come with a certain amount of trauma and they all heal and develop at a different pace. Each child also has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Trying to be sensitive to this and allowing the child to grow its strengths and help it to overcome its weaknesses is a working principle at Vida 180 A.C. It is a beautiful process: exhilarating and challenging at the same time. Each and every child is a child of the King of Kings. We believe that God is deeply in love with each child, and so, as it is raised for God, we are just coming alongside to help fulfill His purpose in their lives through the three-step process at Vida 180 A.C.


abandoned children as a first step towards positive change.


the physical wounds, emotional trauma and the spirit of our children.


them with practical principles and tools for them to have a successful future.

The education model

Education is a vital part of Vida 180 A.C., where certified teachers give lessons to provide the children with practical tools for their future. The education model not only strengthens their academic knowledge, but dives into more complex and practical aspects, achieving a well-rounded education primed for maximum growth and excellence. Upon arrival, the first step is a thorough evaluation on the level of knowledge and performance in each area. This information helps to place the child in a personalized learning group and to monitor its progress as time passes.

  • Arithmetics: the practical application of mathematics is the best way to help the children to develop their brain and logic intelligence. The specialized program teaches this skill in a fun but impactful way.
  • Spanish language: we know that communication is the cornerstone of any society. Vida 180 A.C. is committed to this area, knowing that it is especially important for our children of Tarahumara (Rarámuri) ethnicity to be able to integrate seamlessly into the general society. Optimal Spanish language development is supported by the Libros Águila method.
  • English language: for more than a century, English has been the universal language in terms of business and academia. The goal is that every child at Vida 180 A.C. becomes fluent in this language, as a tool for a successful future.
  • Computer science: the use and application of new technology is defining in an era of fast advancement and self-learning through the internet. The children’s education encompasses computer lessons, giving them access to hardware and software to further develop this skillset.

This model has proven to result in great academic growth and accomplishments, as many children on the streets in Mexico are not able to read or write. We are pleased to see that the Vida 180 A.C. children have found joy in learning, built an attitude for success, and set grand goals for their lives. Beyond any traditional education, the biggest goal is to set a moral compass and to teach the values of responsibility, respect, and excellence. Daily devotions, worship sessions, extracurriculars, and the accountability taught by small daily chores are the final pieces in the puzzle of integral education.

The self-sustainability program

Approximately 50% of the operating funds at Vida 180 A.C. come from the self-sustainability program. This is a system which allows a local farmer to participate by partnering with the organization in Mexico. An independent investment group helps the farmer with the financing for a certain amount of acres, as agreed upon by this group and the farmer. In return, the farmer donates a portion of his crops and all the proceeds are used for Vida 180 A.C.

Farmers from all over the state of Chihuahua have been willing and overjoyed to join, as they are giving something that is real and relevant to them. Giving of one’s specific talent or occupation is a way to make the gift more meaningful. These investors and donors are a significant part of this project, as they sustain Vida 180 A.C. and allow continuance on this grand mission.

Farmers from all over the state have been willing and overjoyed to join, as they are giving something that is real and relevant to them. Giving of one’s specific talent or occupation is a way to make the gift more meaningful. These investors and donors are a significant part of this project, as they sustain Vida 180 and allow us to continue on our grand mission.

Our goal is to grow this self-sustainability program so that 100% of the operating funds for the current home can come from this system. This way donations can be directed towards expansion and new children can be rescued.

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